Client Testimonials

Absolute Marbella prides itself on the service that it gives to all of its tenants and landlords. Please find below a few of our Landlord and Tenant testimonials:

Neeraj Singh
"We were very happy to have dealt with Danny because of his professional approach in dealing with us. His attitude was positive and supportive at all times. All related documentation was complete and satisfactory."
Ian Hanson
"I was and continue to be very satisfied with Absolute Marbella. After a very informative discussion with Danny in which he very clearly outlined his services I was happy to use Absolute Marbella to manage my apartment in Puerto Banus.
In one day (literally!) Danny found a long term tenant. He inspected my apartment and advised me on a few minor maintenance issues. We agreed to repair them and Danny arranged the workers. The job was done as agreed, on time, on budget and with no hassles. This is the first time in 4 years that I can say that! Danny was extremely efficient and kept in close communication so that I knew exactly what was happening throughout.
Many thanks to Absolute Marbella and Danny for providing a high quality low cost service to landlords in Marbella. I highly recommend that you give them a call, you won’t regret it! I am also more than willing to be a reference for any future clients, so feel free to pass along my e-mail address to anyone who would like to talk to an existing customer."
Sheikh Maqsood Rashid
"I found Absolute Marbella a refreshing change from the normal run of the mill agent of Marbella.
I had responded to an enquiry by email and was promptly contacted by Mr Locking. He was very professional in his behaviour and spelled out clearly what the options available, to lease out my apartment in the Monte Halcones. Within a week as promised I had three potential tenants within the rental that I was expecting. Absolute Marbella are unusual as they work 7 days a week and work as late as 10 pm. I'm sure Tenants as well as Landlords will find that Absolute Marbella an ideal choice when dealing in Property matters."
Victor Hadar
"Honestly, he was the best rep I had dealt with in Marbella. A breath of fresh air and a welcome change to the plethora of indifference that I had experienced with other company’s reps – both English and other. He was proactive, professional, personable and always went the extra mile for any of my requests. He was instrumental in me getting my apartment… Which he arranged, sorted and finalised within the very little time available. He also help organise my furniture whilst I was travelling out of the region. I have kept his contact details for any future dealings and have already recommended him to other friends of mine here. Keep up the standards of reps – You’ll have a unique USP."
Francoise Delaney
"Thank you for providing such an efficient, seamless service taking the stress out of finding a property. It was refreshing to find an agent willing to take the time out to assist every step of the way, working around our schedule and personally finding a property to fit our needs and requirements.
I have no hesitation recommending your service to friends and using your Company again in the future. A million thanks for everything."
Rene Roland
"Absolutely super-professional, thanks to Danny and Pete, great follow up, we have developed a good solid friendly relationship. Very reliable and I give them full confidence, gives me a very safe feeling that they are looking out for me."
John Carew
"In my dealings with Absolute Marbella, I found the service to be quick, reliable and most importantly; without hassle. I would strongly recommend their firm and David Tammer when looking to lease or rent, residential real estate, in Marbella."
Meitha Hashimi
"Overall I was very satisfied with the services provided to me by Absolute Marbella. Considering the challenging market situation and in comparison to other agents, the agent was extremely active, committed and was continuously reverting with any updates. I would definately continue dealing with this company especially the agent and would and have referred other landlords to them."
"This market is lacking of 2 main fundamental elements, Professionalism and Service. Selling any product, ideas or concept will always remain incomplete without the above 2 main elements. Danny (Absolute Marbella) has demonstrated highest level of professionalism and excellent service in addition to his punctuality and clear guidance. I wish them all the success and wish other similar organizations to learn from them the skill of professionalism. Based on experience, I would strongly promote and recommend Absolute Marbella to undertake any similar task in this current difficult market / crises.
Once again, wish you good luck. Owners association and owner 2 bed apartment, Marbella."
Noor Ladhar
"It was great working with Danny. He had answers to all our questions. He was very helpful and that made the process of renting very easy."
Tom Michael (USA)
"Danny and his team were nothing short of phenomenal. They coordinated with all my schedule changes, and only showed me properties which met my criteria. He provided useful information reference local activities, restaurants, and even provided directions when lost. Post contract signing, Danny and his team remained available to me concerning all property issues, and were instrumental in aiding assistance such as cleaning services, and having the utilities ready upon my move date.
I highly recommend Absolute Marbella be your first choice when choosing a Realty team."
Yacub Hadd
"Pete was courteous, pleasant to deal with, not trying to oversell. Understands the needs of the customer and keeps search within the expectations."
Steven Piggot
"Very helpful. Punctual and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with and the arrangements so far have been faultless. Having experienced other Estate Agents in Marbella you really appreciate when you get good reliable service. I will definitely be recommending your company to friends and colleagues. The real benefits have been from using Danny."
Ali Masiq
"Was told to speak to Absolute Marbella by friend and I am happy with service and personal touch of the team. I was called when I was told I would be. I have many more properties that are currently rented but will be contacting Absolute Marbella to find me new tenants when they are available.
Thank you again. Ali M."
Jenny S.
"Credit when credit is due, it's a shame not all real estate companies act like Absolute Marbella. I met them not long after they set up and it was very refreshing. I have bought, sold and rented all through 'AM' over the last few years and cannot recommend them highly enough."
Mahmood Amin
"I was referred to Absolute Marbella from a close friend of mine who had given them his 2 units in Benahavis they rented both units in 3 days which I was impressed by.
On contacting them, they were extremely professional, polite, and gave good advice. I met them the same day and he took all my details. Absolute Marbella rented my property within a week and I am extremely happy with the tenant, I only wish all agents acted like this in Marbella."
Arnold Pechetel
"I was more than happy to have met Pete as an agent for my rental flat. Coming to Marbella for the first time, knowing absolutely nothing, he provided great help and advice not just for renting an apartment. I always had the impression I was talking to a friend who is actually interested in helping me instead of an agent who just wanted to sell. The entire renting procedure was done professionally and exceeded my expectations. Thanks again Pete!"
Sosam Elgen
"I really had a good experience with Absolute Marbella, very high standard of customer service and efficiency in terms of coverage and following up that I never been trough with any other real estate agent before. I wish you all the luck and all the success you really deserve it indeed."
Nora Carthy
"Danny was an excellent agent he was more than helpful at all times and went out of his way to be helpful. He was very informative which made the whole process easier. He had a professional, pleasant attitude at all times. It was a pleasure to deal with him. Thank you sincerely in assisting us in finding the perfect apartment."
Giouzel Asquell
"I would like to thank Peter and Absolute Marbella for a very professional assistance. I am living in Marbella for 15 years and can say straight - I haven’t experienced such professional, prompt, helpful and concern approach to a client needs. Moreover I was impressed with personal skills Peter, I felt being taken care of. I wish and I am sure this kind of attitude (of all team) - hard working and human factor concern will lead to a successes. I hope Marbella Property market will be on this level."
Medi Langrou
"The team provided excellent service, extremely friendly and very professional; the agent was always on-time, was well organised and knowledgeable."
Farida Baka
"Great experience - Very responsive and reliable agents, have management services with them in various countries. Look forward to having a long working relationship, even longer than the 5 years until now..."
Jean Vandam/Francois Theborge
"My overall experience with Danny was very good. There were a few issues with the first deal falling apart (due to the landlord), but I felt that Danny dealt with it in a professional and expedient manner and found us a better place for similar money within a few days. I would recommend Danny and the services of Absolute Marbella to anyone that was looking for real estate services in Marbella."
Diana Heslopp
"No complaints at all with the service. Everything promised was delivered on time. Professional attitude and dedication to the job. We viewed on a Friday when no other agent would and I am happy the dedication paid off and I found myself a home."
Reg Dwyer
"One conversation with Danny and he knew exactly what I was looking for. He then only had to show me one place and he had hit the nail on the head, it was and is perfect. It made the whole process so much easier and he has been so helpful with the paperwork and maintaining communication. I’ve already been recommending him to friends. Thanks Danny!"
Emmatt Wate
"Pete was excellent. Very helpful and accommodating. Would recommend to anyone who needs help relocating."
"I dealt with Absolute Marbella and I was genuinely surprised at how professional he was along with the other members of the team that came with clients to view my property. We sent the paperwork though for my property on the Monday and they found a great tenant by Thursday were contracts signed.
Pete arranged for the cleaners and painters to come in and from now on Absolute Marbella will look after all my properties as they become vacant. Thanks and keep up the good work. Vish. "
James Nesbit
"Fast, Fast and Fast. Received an email from these guys and replied back as I originally wanted to sell not rent. Got a call from Danny who changed my mind to renting out the property and within 3 days it was done. I will and have recommended Absolute Marbella to friends of mine and I genuinely hope that they have great success as it is deserved. Unfortunately you do not expect agents in Marbella to be any good these days but thankfully I was impressed."
Egle Vaicik
"I’ve been changing the places in Marbella almost every year since I came in 2008 and I must admit Ben is the best in real estate field I’ve ever met. His assistance has been always timely and professional which is not easy to find, especially in this country."
Rodziah Siti Rody
"I am pleased with the service efficiency of Mr. Locking and the rental procedures went very smoothly. It was very well managed. I have and would recommend him and Absolute Marbella to my friends anytime."
Noor Amim Saqip
"Absolute Marbella is a prime example of customer service. I as a landlord am extremely pleased with their commitment to offer the best and only the best in any market condition. I recommend that if you are in Marbella, look no further that Absolute Marbella, as they will offer you the best deals in a hassle free environment. Once you are dealing with them I will guarantee that you will form a special bond with them and most importantly total trust.
Absolute Marbella, Pete and Danny, I give you a two thumbs up for such wonderful business you got going. Wish other players in the field could learn from you!"
Shamnez Harry
"We were referred to Danny through friends of ours who used Absolute Marbella. I had been speaking to and going back and forth to Danny for just over a month before we found a place in Los Arqueros. I have to say that he was very informative not only on the apartment but local amenities and the different costs living costs. We found the overall process to be smooth and efficient. I would definitely recommend Absolute Marbella to friends or family looking for a place to live in Marbella."
Tomas Reeten
"Extremely pleased with the service Absolute Marbella have provided. Within 3 days of having my property on their books we had a tenant, contracts were completed, cheques obtained and signed. They kept in communication with us through the whole process."
Shakti Singh
"Speed, efficiency and professionalism is how I would describe Richard’s services. His style and attitude towards his work should be adopted as a role model for others to follow."